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Drawing Tips For Beginners

drawDrawing things is a moderately easy skill and can be source of great fun. As a hobby it’s not too expensive either, one can get started with a pencil and notepad. And if budget permits one can use computers and drawing software. And this simplicity of the art form precisely makes drawing so highly popular.

Too many youngsters are taking up drawing as a hobby. Drawing various comic action hero and fun cartoon characters has become a craze now.

With some basic drawing tips everybody can improve their skill level and be a better drawing maker. Here I am going to give you some drawing tips that will help you to improve your skill level.

1. If you are just starting out you should practice drawing simple shapes like circles, eggs and ovals with reasonable accuracy. These basic shapes can be used to draw more complex shapes.

2. As these basic shapes will be the construction lines on which the main drawing will be structured you should practice drawing these lines as light as possible.

Glass Painting Tips

glassGlass painting is a remarkable form of art, comprising gorgeous synthetic colors done up on glass. The combination of glass and paints gives the painting an ethereal appeal. Glass painting is very interesting to do. Glass painting kits contain an outliner, which is meant to keep the different shades of glass paints in place. One can either unleash one’s creativity and paint freehand, or else use templates. Four main types of paints are available for glass painting: stained glass paint, vinegar trace paint, matte paint and silver paint. Each type is meant for a specific purpose. For example, if one wishes to include a variety of colors on the piece of glass, then the stained glass paint is suitable. Vinegar glass paints are appropriate when one wants to add a tint of color. However, these vinegar paints are quite sticky! For painting a clear glass vase or bowls, one can use silver paint, as it adds a hint of silver, thereby giving a translucent effect to the painting. Matte paint, on the other hand is useful when one wants complete

Charcoal Drawing Tips

charcoalThe thing about charcoal drawing which differentiates it from other media of drawings, like pencil shading, brush work, or mechanical pen shading, is that it gives a very soft and subtle effect. Also, a charcoal sketch does not fade away with time, if cared for properly. You will see many portraits or drawings done by charcoal, as a soft drawing technique is required for portraits, which is naturally present in it. Drawing with charcoal is not difficult, but if you wish to do detailed drawings, then you need to practice different skills to get the proportions and shapes properly.

Required Materials

› Primarily, you need charcoal sticks and paper for this art form, both of which come in different varieties.
› Select a paper with a thick texture so that erasing or rubbing does not tear it.
› You can buy vine uncompressed charcoal, also known as willow charcoal, or use compressed charcoal that looks like graphite and comes in a pencil or stick form with soft or hard shapes.
› A good white eraser and kneaded eraser are also required to

Painters and Painting Tips

When it comes to a painting project, one has the option of selecting suitable painters to come and complete the job or you can in fact do so yourself, with the latter often times forming the basis of a so called DIY project. Although you may well be inclined to complete such a task, there are a few things worth mentioning in terms of painting tips that may help within these sorts of projects.

Whether or not you are intending to utilise the services of a painter or not, there are certain types of paints that are specifically formulated and produced for specific areas in the home. Take for instance the kitchen or bathroom areas, these areas are traditionally high moisture content areas of the home and as a result a moisture and peel resistant paint should be selected for these spaces, additionally with added technology and advancements of production within the painting industry one has the option of securing paints that contain anti mildew properties, which in turn will add great value to the painting project and outcome. Even when using painters to complete this project, ask about these types of paints.

In considering a

Acrylic Painting Tips For Beginners

Since you are new to Acrylic Painting, you will certainly benefit from the tips I will be sharing with you in the following article.

One of the more important points a new acrylic painter should be aware of is the quick drying time of acrylic paints. Since acrylic paints do dry so quickly, it’s important to only squeeze out enough paint for that particular session, otherwise you will be wasting a lot of paint.

To keep your acrylic paint moist, you will need to have a special palette that will keep your paint workable during your painting session. There is a really awesome palette on the market that was made just for this purpose called the Masterson Sta-Wet Handy Palette. This palette is a good buy and will keep your paint in a good working condition for a longer period of time while you paint.

If you do not want to purchase a palette, another solution is to buy a handful of small 35mm film canisters and store your paints inside the canisters. The caps on these canisters will screw on pretty tight and keep most of the air out.

Some artists also keep

Basic Drawing Tips and Exercises

Pencil drawing is one of the first art forms. Many beginners are looking for a great pencil drawing tutorials. We think beginners have already learned about pencil drawing. Some artists tell us that learning to draw with pencils is easy. We do not think so, but we believe that there are many drawing tips or drawing exercises that can help people develop their drawing skills.

It is good for beginners to read these some drawing tips and exercises:

1. The Salient Points of the Project
We have to know that the first of drawing attention is the salient points of the project. People have to do lot of practices to learn how to create highlights in black and white. They have to obtain a better understanding of the challenges identified in the application.

2. By Taking Photographs
Everyone could develop this drawing exercise by taking some photographs from magazines. People could work with their pencil on top of those photographs and looking for the basic drawing shapes. They could use a different color for each shapes. Everyone could try to imagine how the human figure would look if it was simplified in this way.

Drawing Tips and Techniques

Drawing is a fun hobby and in fact something that you can also make money with. If you want to learn drawing, there are also a few drawing tips and techniques that can help you learn fast and make better drawings. One good thing about this hobby is that, you don’t need to have other expensive equipment, you can just have a pencil and a clean sheet of paper and you can learn how to draw right there.

If you are starting with a pencil, learn how to make vary the weight of your lines. You can make darker lines by pressing your pencil more or create lighter lines by lifting it up a bit. With varying weight of your lines you can emphasize major forms as well as finer lines in your drawing and make it more impressive.

One of the drawing tips and techniques that you may want to start with is to start drawing light lines. These very light lines will help guide you before starting to make a final drawing to avoid mistakes. Although it is normal to make mistakes in drawing and with light lines, you can easily correct them.

Simple Face Painting Tips

Why am I writing about Face Painting Tips? Simple, because it has become more and more popular in recent years. One of the key reasons is the flourishing Birthday Parties market! Have you noticed more Mc Donald’s Birthday parties and other similar party events blossoming in the place you live? Well, I have.

As such, face painting has almost become a must-have event in Childrens’ parties these days. My niece just celebrated her 8th Birthday 3 weeks ago, and you guessed it, her parents hired a face painter (in my absence).

In this article, I am going to share some simple face painting tips to address this growing market.

1. Use water based face paints. I know, they cost more than the cream based types. But they are not exactly unaffordable. Look, the water based paints suit the kids better because it offers little or no skin irritation on the majority of the population. The last thing you want is an upset parent because of a disturbed child. Snazaroo’s face paint is a good choice.

2. Prepare at least 3 types of paint brush sizes: fine, medium and large. It may seem quicker to

Kids Face Painting Tips

Face painting is a fun activity to do. It not only relieves stress, it also enhances creativity and lets you express yourself through art. However, what if you want to face paint but your model who,incidentally is your eight-year-old son, is not in the mood? Or what if he can’t sit still for a long period of time? Face painting is also an excellent time to bond with your kid. So if you want this to work, here are six kids face painting tips that just might do the trick for you.

Tip number 1. Prepare everything beforehand. All your materials should be ready before you start painting. This will make you are more efficient worker and save you a lot of time and effort in the process.

Tip number 2. When mulling over what design to do, think about what your model would like. Kids love showing off. So it would be a good idea to paint something that he would love to show off to his friends.

Tip number 3. Be enthusiastic! Excitement is contagious. So if you show your kid that this is a fun and exciting activity to do, he is

Watercolor Painting Tips

Painting with watercolors is an amazingly versatile form of art and crafts. Watercolor paintings bear a rich history. The Egyptians used to paint huge frescoes with pigment-based water colors. Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo used watercolors mixed with plaster to make frescoes and murals. One of the best examples of frescoes is the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican painted by Michelangelo. This art, which gained fame and popularity worldwide, was practiced by the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese as well. They created beautiful illuminated manuscripts rich in culture and tradition, that later became famous worldwide. Albrecht Durer’s landscape paintings in watercolor began to develop in the 1500s and were much appreciated. This medium of painting spread and spawned since 17th century and today, the techniques have improvised and various other disciplines have also evolved. The major exponents of watercolor painting in America, in the 20th century, were, Edward Hopper, Charles Demuth, Eliot O’Hara, Charles Burchfield, John Marin, and Alice Schille.

Watercolor painting revolves around three basic things, which are, a painting brush, colors, and water. It involves knowing the art of the correct way of handling of brush, smooth blending of colors, and adding the adequate amount of water for

Children’s Face Painting Tips

Face painting is fun, artistic and a great way to enhance your child’s party or cheer up your kids on a gloomy day. Children’s face painting can be messy but it’s easy to clean up and its well worth the smiles you will be creating. There are so many things that you can do when face painting. For example, you can draw cats, dogs, rabbits, ghosts, fairies or butterflies.

You can simply paint one side of the face one color and the other side a different color. The options are as limitless as your imagination. To help you get started, here are a few children’s face painting tips that can be very useful.

  • Invest in quality paints. These can be more expensive but the quality is worth the extra money. They will go on smoother and wash off easier without irritating the skin.
  • Create a good working area by having a chair for the kids to sit on, a table for your material and a mirror for viewing the finished product.
  • Create a chart with the designs you can do and have it available so you won’t be asked to paint something you are not comfortable with. However,

Fabric Painting Tips

The numerous brilliant colors in fabric paints has made this art form very alluring. Fabric painting is an art of creating different designs and patterns on different types of fabric. People who are interested in painting can try out painting on different fabrics and create their own unique styles. With the availability of different fabrics, many kinds of fabric paints are introduced in the market to make painting easier. These paints create less mess and can be easily cleaned too. Fabric paints are non-toxic colors, which are safe to use.

Fabric paints can be best used on old clothes that you are about to discard from your wardrobe. In case your interest lies in painting, then take out the stack of old clothes and turn them into wacky and trendy clothing. Pick some fabric painting pens to create detailed pictures or use a fabric spray to color your t-shirt with different colors. Here are few ideas to help you with painting.

Basic Methods of Fabric Painting

  • Fabrics tend to shrink after a wash. Therefore, before painting on it, wash it thoroughly, so that it settles to a certain size.
  • According to the fabric texture, select the appropriate fabric paints. Fabric

Spray Painting Tips and Techniques

Spray painting is used to coat any surface, like furniture, house, or trucks, with paint, varnish, ink, etc. A basic spray painting system comprises a particular type of gun, pressurized paint container, compressed air system, and flexible tubes. The most important equipment used in spray painting is the air spray gun. There are mainly two different methods of air gun spraying, viz., the manual operation and the automatic process. In the manual operation, the air spray gun is hand-held and moved all over the area to be painted. For a continuous and smooth coat, each stroke should overlap the previous one. In the automatic operation, the gun head is set on a mounting block from where the stream of paint is delivered. For painting large surfaces with an even coat of paint, air guns are the best equipment to use, but for detailed work, like photo retouching, painting nails, or fine art, air brushes are primarily used.


  • HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure):
    This technique is quite similar to a common spray gun, as it uses a compressor to supply the air. It requires a low pressure and higher volume of air to aerosolize and propel the paint

Tips for Selling Watercolor Paintings Online

Painting is not just a hobby; for some people, it acts as a therapy, whereas for others, it is a full-fledged profession. This is one such activity that relaxes your mind, body, and soul, and gives you complete freedom to express yourself in your own way. Painting something using any medium, be it oil, acrylic, watercolors, poster colors, batik, or even pastels or crayons, can transport you to a different place in your mind. The fine art of watercolor painting has seen its share of transitions. It is loved by some people and not so loved by others, but it still remains popular. The following paragraphs provide more information about this art form.

Basics for Beginners

Watercolor painting is a great way to express your creative talent. If you are a beginner, then there are many resources you must be equipped with, which will help you get started. This technique is a bit tricky to master. If you have that creative spark in you, then you first need to get your supplies ready. The following are the items that you will need.

You need a good set of brushes that include flat brushes, round ones, and oval ones. Check hobby stores

Tips On How to do Light Graffiti

There wasn’t a time that can be thought of when graffiti was ever appreciated as art, rather being defined as a form of barbaric behavior. Maybe it was misbehavior in its own right, but it sure was good looking. Here’s the cool part about what followed the old idea of graffiti… With technology came the concept of light graffiti, and it definitely brought about a change in the idea of graffiti on the whole. Working on a different platform altogether, there is absolutely nothing destructive about this one. Done mainly with the use of LED lights or flashlights, and a digital camera with manual settings, the outcome of light graffiti, or light painting as it is occasionally called, could be spectacular if you want it to be. What’s even more fun is that anything can be used as a medium for this form of “light doodling”. If it seems hard to believe, you should check out how to draw graffiti in Photoshop along with other tips and tricks.

How to Create Light Graffiti

Creating light graffiti isn’t half as bad as you may think it is. All you would require is a camera (preferably a DSLR), a variety of colored

Graffiti Removal Tips

A reckless red mark across a pristine white structure or a carefully planned abusive poem on the sidewalk. The mixture of red, green and yellow on a dilapidated high school wall or a racial comment on the compound of a home. Graffiti is everywhere. Have you noticed? Curse the sentiment behind that marking, curse the feelings of utter honesty that make the graffiti possible. Some leave them be, for they know that cleaning of this wall will only give rise to more. And then, there are others who choose to clean. No matter if it will make its way back again. We must still persevere. For that then a referral to the varied graffiti removal tips becomes important. Which is what we will be doing in the following section.

Attacking the Graffiti – How

Things to get that graffiti out and away? There are several ways by which it can be done. Here’s how…

Prompt Cleaning
The first rule of graffiti cleaning? Attack it while it is still fresh. That way the paint will not have seeped deep down and can be easily removed. The more you wait, the tougher it gets.

Clearing Out the Graffiti
Clearing out as much of the

Face Painting Tips

Did you know that face painting is an art which originated thousands of years ago? It was done by Indian tribes that used different tribal designs and techniques. Face paint art at that time was used to define the status, culture and tribe of the individual. Certain tribes in India still practice this art during tribal celebration. Many parts of Asia and Africa still have tribes which paint their faces with different designs. Face painting today is used by people across various race. It has also been used in some popular movies. Remember Jim Carey in Mask with the bright green face and dark long eyebrows and dark lips? Do you wish to create some face painting art too? Use the following tips…

Face Painting Tips and Tricks

  • First of all gather some basic face painting supplies. Always make sure you buy colors which are of cosmetic grade. So, even if you have non-toxic colors DO NOT use them. Only stick to colors which are of cosmetic grade.
  • They are safe to use and if you are painting on children’s face then you need to be more careful with your painting supplies.
  • Also, buy other supplies like brushes, sponges, hand

Tattooing Tips

Tattooing is an ancient practice that has evolved over the years, where our ancestors are to be thanked for introducing to the world such a masterful form of body art. While many people are adventurous enough to get tattooed the Borneo Traditional Tattooing way, it isn’t quite the safest method. It employs the use of two sticks that are tapped over the skin to insert ink, where we strongly suggest opting for the modern method of doing this, that involves sterilized equipment in a professional tattoo parlor. Let’s take a look at some additional tattooing tips that need to be borne in mind.

Important Tattooing Tips for Amateurs

Adequate Research
It is advisable to get a tetanus and hepatitis shot prior to visiting a parlor, to protect yourself from the chances of contracting an infection. To be even more certain, do extensive research on a tattoo parlor online, and ask around for any information that can help you determine if whether it is a trusted place or not.

The Association of Professional Tattoo Artists and the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, are just two kinds of organizations that maintain a list of members that are trusted for their safety standards and hygienic

Tips for Designing Your Own Tattoo

So, you have finally decided to get inked, but are wondering what kind of tattoo to go for? There are many designs available all around you. I will, however, suggest that you design your tattoo yourself to bring uniqueness to it.


  • It is always good to have a design which reflects your personality and who you are. Therefore, you might need some time to decide the design for your tattoo.
  • It is important that you decide what your body art should stand for. Do you want it to commemorate a particular event, some celebration, or a special person? Or are you getting inked just for the fun of it?
  • Now, sit silently and think of what images come to your mind. It may be some flower, leaves, the initials of your beloved, or maybe your own initials. If you want to commemorate the death of a person, a suggestion would be to design a tattoo with the name of the person on the petals of a flower.
  • After your design has been finalized, you can get a temporary tattoo made so that you know that your design is good enough to be made into a permanent motif on your skin.

Canvas Painting Tips

If canvas painting seems like an activity that you would like to try your hand at, then it is important that you keep the following tips in mind. These will help you start the art of painting, without making the blunders that most people tend to make when they start painting. For your convenience, we have divided the tips into three sections―the tips that you will need to use before you start working on your art work, those that you can use while painting, and the things you need to keep in mind after you are done with the painting.

Before Starting the Painting
The tips that have been given here are some things that you should definitely keep in mind before you start on your canvas painting. These tips are in no particular order or sequence.

  • One of the first things that you will need to decide on is the kind of canvas you should choose to paint on. There are a variety of canvases available in the market like canvas boards, rolled canvas, canvas mats and even stretch canvas. Depending on the kind of painting you want to make and also what your comfort level is,